A Deadly Fortune

“[A]n elegantly written, fast-paced mystery . . . Impossible to put down”
Julie McElwain

A “sterling debut.”
Publisher’s Weekly, starred review

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Amelia Matthew has done the all-but-impossible, especially for an orphan in Gilded Age New York City. Along with her foster brother Jonas, she has parleyed her modest psychic talent into a safe and comfortable life. But when a head injury leaves her with a dramatically enhanced gift, Amelia finds herself imprisoned in the notorious insane asylum on Blackwell’s Island.

As Jonas searches for a way to free her, Amelia struggles to control her new abilities and survive a place where every day brings her a step closer to true madness–especially when she stumbles onto a deadly secret: there’s a murderer stalking the wards. Amelia must embrace her gift and use it to catch a killer–before she becomes the next victim.

About Me

Stacie Murphy began writing A Deadly Fortune in March of 2017 as a way to force herself to stay off Twitter in the evenings. (It didn’t work). The novel was a 2018 Pitch Wars selection, mentored by Carolyne Topdjian.

Read their Pitch Wars interviews here and here.

Stacie lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter.

Agent: Jill Marr, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

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